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Holiday Newsletter Excerpt - A word about Art Collectors

Below is an excerpt from my Holiday newsletter.  You can see the whole newsletter here and sign up to receive it from either my blog or my website.

Snowman #4, 2011, jo-Ann Sanborn
acrylic on canvas, 7"x5"
Collector 's Corner

YOU are special! People who buy original art are a special breed. They know that originals are special and unique.

While "something" for the walls can be purchased in many big box stores, meeting the artist, discussing your special requirements, and choosing the perfect piece to complement your life and your home is something that will be remembered and enjoyed for years to come.

You will own something one of a kind, and truly unique. It will say "quality" to the friends and family who visit your home. 

Box store paintings may fade over time, and be easily disposed of when your decor changes. After a while you don't even see them on the wall. 

An original artwork usually holds it's value, both in the cost you pay and in the joy it gives you over the years. 

It's such a pleasure for me when someone says "your paintings make us happy!" It completes the circle for the work I do. Thank you!!


Anonymous said...

Joann, We love your blog. R & D

Jo-Ann said...

Thank you, R&D! I'm glad you stop by.

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