Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Row of Palms, Autumn, 2012, Jo-Ann Sanborn
Acrylic on Canvas, 6x 20, Sold
I'm still working up in size on this wonderful row of palm trees seen in the late afternoon light.  If you look back on this blog, you will see several smaller versions.  My plan is to do quite a large painting of this row of trees before I am done.  It helps to work out the color harmonies on the smaller versions until I'm ready to grow it up to a much larger size.
Studio work is going well, and I'm tired at the end of the day.  I'm discovering that I can usually get thefor a new painting down early in the day when I'm fresh and there's not too many people around, and have the painting well underway and know where I'm going as the day progresses.  I generally work on at least two paintings at a time, which gives me both thinking and drying time.

I was delighted to have Liz come into the shop to pick up her choice of Daily Painting.  She's the seasonal winner of the a daily painting given away from among people who receive my monthly newsletter.  If you would like to read my newsletter and have a chance at winning a daily painting, you can sign up here

My apologies for those who got your Thanksgiving post early.  I'm beginning to think that it's Blogger making the mistakes, not always ME, since I had very carefully scheduled that post for Thanksgiving day.  UGH.  It's very annoying to me, and I know an inconvenience to you, so please accept my apologies.  Blogger's been terrific, but sometimes causes issues I can't control  I'll be looking into other ways to be in touch with you.  And I DO want you to have a nice Thanksgiving!

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