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Well, I must admit that I didn't get much painting done last week and have nothing new finished to show you. I did participate in the Naples Invitational Art Show this weekend in Fleischman Park and here's a picture of my booth to prove it! The booth was on a slight hill and so looked a little bit like "the house that Jack built", but I mastered the new equipment, met many interesting people, enjoyed old friends, and acquired several new collectors. On Saturday fabulous everglades photographer Jack Megela stopped by with his lunch and we had a chat about the Everglades landscape we both love. Since he photographs the same area that I haunt to paint, we often have very similar scenes in our booths at the shows! We talked about the wonderful changing light and some of the natural light effects that have amazed us. Jack is a traditional photographer who believes like I do that nature provides us with such wonders that there's no need to make anything up! As an artist I can pick and choose various parts of a landscape and move them around to suit me on my canvas, but Jack has to wait until the beautiful cloud he's watching moves across the sky to have it's reflection fill the pond in his lens! Thanks to all who stopped by to admire and to those who purchased!

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