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Breakfast Bananas, Daily Painting by Jo-Ann Sanborn

These little bananas were broken off the tree when storm Fay passed by last week. They didn't look very good, quite small and still green. A few days in the garage and they were perfect for a yummy breakfast. We love eating something that can be grown right on our very small, lot. There's a pineapple growing from the top of a pineapple we purchased, a lemon and lime tree, some basil, and a wonderful rosemary bush growing in our yard. Some really good tomatoes would be nice, but the plants take a beating this time of year and only the cherry tomato looks promising. We find that we're reading labels more carefully and trying to chose produce that's grown close to us. It's fresher and doesn't require high transportation costs. A new collector yesterday told me that they often go into the Everglades, and before seeing my work didn't really notice the landscape, but now they see my paintings everywhere. I'm truly humbled by such a compliment! The wonderful Everglades landscape gives much joy when you take the time to notice its uniqueness. Where's today's painting? I've been working on the children's story illustrations, but they're not quite ready to show, and on a studio painting, and didn't get today's painting finished. Oops!

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bonnieluria said...

That's a great gift to an artist- having someone tell you that you've shown them how to see!

How wonderful.

As are those homegrown bananas. I had no idea that bananas were as good as they really are when they're right off the tree and allowed to ripen naturally.

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