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Investing in Art, Watching Ike, Daily Painting by Jo-Ann Sanborn

Yesterday's Naples Daily News article Artful Investing discusses whether art is a financial opportunity in these challenging economic times. Certainly if you have certain French Impressionists works in your collection, you have seen the prices rise to astronomical heights. The prices of many American artists are also seeing a nice return. The international art market is growing, and many dealers feel the Russian art market is both hot and affordable. However art as an investment can be just as risky as any other investment. There's a great deal of satisfaction in looking at a painting you love, but any return can only be realized if you part with the work. If your budget puts you below the "blue chip" art market, then emerging artists is the way to go. The painting can bring you much pleasure, is affordable, the artist will be grateful, and just like any speculative stock can be fun to watch.

Watching Ike
7" x 5"


Anonymous said...

Buying what moves you, regardless of its' investment properties is the way to go, unless of course, you're in the mega minority.

Every pot has it's cover ( unless you're a Tupperware container in my kitchen cabinet...) and there's something for everyone who is wanting to be in the game.


PS- let's keep fingers crossed for Ikes' passing.

JoAnn Sanborn said...

You're right, Bonnie. Buying art should be from the heart! Anyone out there have some extra covers for Bonnie? Jo-Ann

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