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Snowbirds, Two,a daily painting by Jo-Ann Sanborn

Here on Marco Island we have about three times more people in residence in the winter months than we do in the summer. The migrating snowbirds are people, not birds, usually gone by June first, and coming back in waves starting around October 1. We have several dear friends returning this week and some family coming in, too. Their return will begin a round of dinners, parties, festivals and other events to be enjoyed until the great migration north begins again.

It will start to feel a little crowded as the traffic increases and the grocery store lines get longer, but in reality Collier County, the largest County in Florida by land area, has approximately 80% of its land designated as some type of park or preserve. Everglades National Park, Big Cypress National Preserve, Rookery Bay, State Parks, a State Forest, the Audubon-owned Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary and numerous County, City and private parks and nature preserves remain mostly natural. Although we live rather close together here on Marco Island, we have to travel only a short distance to several remote, natural areas where real birds are plentiful.

I've put these two palms in a wilderness setting in a sky the salmon color it was a few days ago for today's daily painting. Just the two of us sat watching as the light changed from day to evening.

5" x 7"


Anonymous said...

I feel the sway of those big palm leaves and the glow of the late day sun.
Your use of color or colors, is really one of your signatures. Always unique and always beautiful.

We too have that snowbird migration and face it with mixed feelings. I like the quieter times but understand that the infusion into the local economy ( although this year, who can say...) is a necessary function of survival.

JoAnn Sanborn said...

I love color, and have learned a lot about it, but when it comes to painting it's intuitve. That, of course, and a dirty brush! And yes, truly, the snowbirds are a mixed blessing!

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