Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Seaside Health, Time Alone daily painting by Everglades artist JoAnn Sanborn

Time Alone
5" x 7" (12.7cm x 17.8cm)
acrylic on Panel
$150 with FREE shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.

I've often painted a single palm, off by itself. Time Alone is another palm character study. While we love being busy and having visitors, some time alone is also necessary for our well being.

Walking on the beach, or near any large body of water is positively restorative for me, alone or with others. The sound of the waves is soothing to me, the light brightens my spirits, the cries of the shorebirds direct me away from the days problems, and here on Marco the warmth and swaying palms add to the enjoyment.

I never knew that there was a chemical reason for feeling so good after a walk on the beach, but according to local author Tom Williams's article Seaside Secrets,in last Sunday's ETC, it's the negative oxygen ions caused by the waves that makes us feel so good. Sorry that I can't seem to find the article to reference, but you can get the idea from this WebMD article.

There's also mounting evidence that negative ion generators help with depression, increase oxygen to the brain, and maybe even protect against germs in the air. That, combined with allowing your skin 1/2 hour of sunshine to help your Vitamin D. uptake means a walk on the beach may be the best thing you do for yourself today.


info said...

In the warmth of Marco or the cool of Gloucester, a beach walk will ALWAYS make my day a better day! Judy

JoAnn Sanborn said...

You're right, Judy. I'll look forward to one with you again soon.

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