Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Knitting, Cold, and Land's End daily painting by Everglades artist JoAnn Sanborn

Land's End
7" x 5" Sold
Good Morning! I can't decide whether I want the Paypal button or not. It's such an easy way for you to purchase. Guess we'll try it again for a while.

I wanted to paint a nice warm picture that would make you all feel toasty, but the cooler colors prevailed and even my beach walk looks a little chilly. Lands End is typical of the new island areas that are developing off Tigertail Beach north of Sand Dollar Island in the area of the old Coconut Island. If you look out towards the gulf you don't see the tall condos, and it could be a thousand years ago!

When I left for a meeting yesterday morning it was 36 degrees. Today should only be a couple of degrees warmer. Every now and then we get this kind of chilly reminder that although we fit the qualification of tropical, by having a temperature above 64 degrees, our actual designation by location is subtropical.

This cold, however, puts me in mind of knitting, and knitting is all the talk of Twitter today. I used to be an accomplished knitter, and still have a few stashes of colorful and luscious yarns stashed away. But the term yarn bombing was new to me. Here's how it's done.


Anonymous said...

Yarn bombing!!! Never know what you will learn on Joann's website!!

Would someone like to bomb our flag pole? It's so cold out there this morning.


grovecanada said...

Dear Jo-Ann,
In regards to your blunder post...My thought was, when reading ' a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush...' What if it had gone the other way? You refused to sell the painting, AND didn't get into the prestigious show ? No sale, & no show...I'm not sure it was the wrong choice...Maybe you wouldn't do it again, & painful, but at least you Sold the painting eh? (I prefer to sell than just do publicity shows...any day of the week...) Sari p.s. PayPal buttons look pretty & cool ...even if you don't use them...they are neat...(I use ebay too, just 'cause it looks nice, the whole look of the listing thing...)

JoAnn Sanborn said...

Kathy, you're right, even the flagpole is cold this morning.

Sari, You're right, I would have felt awful either way, wish the buyer had been upfront about not lending it back, but feel that the ultimate responsibility to provide what I said I would was mine and I blew it. I try to balance sales with good business practices, and won't put them opposite each other again, so it was a good lesson! Thanks for commenting and making me feel better!

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