Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Reception, Giclees, and Together Daily painting by Everglades artist JoAnn Sanborn

7" x 5"
Today's painting location is on Marco, down near the Caxambas boat ramp on the south end of the island. I love the group of palms together but split by the wall. It might remind you of some families, so close and yet separated by a wall. Luckily, I've enjoyed visits from family this month and am looking forward to more. The palm trunks have been glazed with a bit of red to compliment the green fronds.

I've been told that you might like to see one of the daily paintings framed, so here it is, to give you an idea of how it comes to you if you should purchase. The framed piece is about 14x12 inches, and can be hung on a wall, leaned in a windowsill, or placed on a small easel. The dailies look great in pairs or even in a foursome. One friend has four, two on each side of the front door. They look terrific!

The Florida Artist Group exhibition at the Marco Island Center for the Arts reception yesterday was very nice, with an interesting abstract demonstration to music and a wonderful exhibition. There was quite a crowd, and a satisfying number of FLAG artists present, so visitors could meet and talk. One piece generated quite a bit of discussion. It was a brushy, colorful painting of a studio with a brush can and paint jars. The label said the material was "pigmented inks." Discussion centered around that fact that it was an enhanced photo, colored with a palette and brush in a photoshop-type procedure, and printed onto canvas. Everyone agreed that pigmented inks are best for giclee, because they'll last longer than dyes. Guess its the way of the future! This colorful, and high quality exhibition will give you lots to see and think about, so don't miss it!


Anonymous said...

From Tara O'Neill...
I, too, really enjoyed the show at the Art Center yesterday...and I plan to return with some photographer pals soon. Of the piece you referred to I found it amazingly brilliant but was a bit disappointed that the artist didn't refer to it as "photography." I might be getting over-sensitive to honesty in artistry; technology seems to be redefining so many things. I'm sorry to have lost the name but I was really impressed with two pieces in the side gallery that were extreme close-up photos of palm trunks that had been digitally altered into wierdly clolored abstracts...I do so appreciate it when an artist uses photoshop for good instead of evil!

Betty Newman said...

Yes, but it should have been marked as a giclee. There was a lot of confusion about that the night before.

JoAnn Sanborn said...

Thanks for your comments Tara and Betty. The whole artist, photograther, digital and printing certainly is the subject for some lively discussions!

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