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Unexpected Exhibition Opportunity, On the Beach painting by Everglades Artist JoAnn Sanborn

Beach Walkers

Yesterday's small daily painting didn't get finished, so I'm showing you another in the elongated palm series I've been working on on and off for several years. I'll take it to be framed tomorrow, since it's not a standard size and will have to be custom framed.

I started my "daily" with high hopes in the morning, then put it aside to attend the Marco Island Foundation for the Arts fashion show, thinking I'd get back to it in plenty of time. The event was a fund raiser, where artist friend Joyce Kachapis showed off her beautifully creative handmade jewelry on wonderful Roxy mannequin centerpieces, and Island Woman boutique presented a fashion show full of delightful island wear. The centerpieces were really great and I'm going to order one and paint it myself although the already painted ones were lovely!

Home to a message from the United Arts Council that their scheduled February artist had backed out from a planned exhibition at the Norris Center, and did I want the space? My mind went around this question very quickly.

Did I have enough paintings to cover? I'm doing two important outdoor shows later this month. I would have enough if I used some paintings that were too large to take to outdoor shows. Could I be ready? I'm working on a commission that I promised to be ready by Friday, but my client is a kind, understanding person. I could do it if I got right to it. So with a gulp I said "yes."

Luckily my Art Marketing Salon group was into the eighth week of Alyson Stanfield's free Art Marketing Salon, so all my materials had been updated for the new year and were ready to go. It was just a matter of making a painting list, fresh off Flick, my organizer, and printing enough handouts and cards. Leftovers for dinner, and everything is now ready to be packed into the car for delivery today. Phew.

It would have been easy to say "no", that the notice was too short, that I couldn't possibly be ready in time. But if I worked at it I could do it, and did! It was nice to be able to help the United Arts Council out on such short notice, and a real opportunity to have exposure at the Norris Center in downtown Naples in February. Will sales come of it? Who knows? But I'll be "out there" showing my work and getting some publicity, and very grateful for the opportunity!

Hey, there's even be a reception! I'll let you know the details.


Tara O'Neill said...

congratulations, Jo-Ann, on your hard work and the recognition. It's much deserved.

JoAnn Sanborn said...

Thanks, Tara I'm so enjoying getting to know you and your art!

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