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Corn Plant, Volunteer of the Year

I hate to admit it, but another day has gone by without a daily painting. I've got a large commission due tomorrow, and in order to keep to schedule, I've put other work aside and have been working on the commission in my home studio as well as at the new Esplanade Studio.

The heady smell of our corn plant in bloom just outside the studio distracted me and drew me outdoors for this photo. Corn plants are a slow growing neotropical pole shrub that looks similar to vegetable corn when young. They bloom in December and the scent is particularly strong at night. It's sweet fragrance is noticeable from hundreds of feet away and easily recognizable. It's accompanied by a sticky pollen that insects and hummingbirds love.

Congratulations to Keith Dameron who was named Volunteer of the Year at Marco Island's Christmas Island Style Gala last night. Keith's wide range of interests and enthusiasms has led him to support many island organizations, and he's been particularly supportive of the arts. We share the goal of building community through art awareness and art opportunities on the island. Way to go, Keith!

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