Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


At My Side painting by Everglades Artist JoAnn Sanborn

At My Side
AT MY SIDE is a painting of two palm trees side by side at the water’s edge. The taller of the two is a little older, and seems to be sheltering the other with its fronds. Both are solid, well defined, and healthy. They have grown on land that rises a little above the rest of the sawgrass prairie, hat supports them and allows them to flourish.

There’s variety in the grasses at the water’s edge in both color and size, and the passages unifies the painting as the eye moves across. The opening onto the prairie allows the eye to move into the painting onto the water-rich prairie, into the future, into the unknown. The way in is smooth rather than rocky and the ancient limestone below is solid. This, along with a light breeze gives movement and life to the landscape.

The sky is dark, but morning clouds are beginning to brighten the day. They have variety in size and color as well, but not enough movement to disrupt the serenity of the morning. The scene is quiet and peaceful, rich with the promise of a new day.

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