Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Acrytlic paint potential, painting by Everglades artist JoAnn Sanborn

Today's painting is one that was started some time ago. Working a painting surface over and over can deepen and enrich the painting, and this painting has had multiple layers applied. I brought it out again yesterday to discuss in my acrylic class.

It was the last class in a series of four, and the subject was using acrylics in a variety of ways. We talked about how it's a magical medium and how few artists use acrylic paint to it's fullest potential.

The above canvas is one of four I brought to class to illustrate a variety of techniques. The canvas had been covered with a layer of thick gel medium, applied with a palette knife and allowed to dry before beginning the painting. The uneven surface added texture and interest as the paint was applied. Some iridescent paint has been worked into the surface, so it's got a nice glow, and the negative spaces hhave been painted again and again in a variety of colors.

It's fun to try something new, and to learn new techniques. Each of my students was able to find a way to glaze, texturize, get a glow or manipulate the paint in a way that was new to them. They probably won't use the techniques all the time, but have gained some new understanding of the range of opportunities with acrylic paint. Thanks, Class. It was fun!

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Art by Eve said...

This sounds like a fun class, JoAnn. I enjoy working with acrylics and look for new ways to use them. Thanks for sharing your technique!

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