Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Seeing my work, February Walk painting by Everglades painter Jo-Ann Sanborn

February Walk, Jo-Ann Sanborn, 2011
acrylic on canvas, 30x30

February Walk was done from impressions and photos after a walk with visiting family in the Everglades on the Marsh Trail.  It brings me great pleasure to have others share my love for our fragile environment. 

People often tell me that they have been following my work and know it when they see it anywhere. I love to hear it, since it is every artists dream to have their work recognized. I don’t do anything special, just apply the paint with passion and guts as best I can, but do seem to have developed a style that people recognize and respond to.

The best place to see my work and to talk with me is my studio/gallery at the Artist Colony at the Esplanade. There’s a wide selection of work to show you, and I’ll have the paintings from the paintings from the show at Aura, too. I’m always happy to talk with you about your dream painting. The galleries are open Wed-Sat from 11-7, and I’m usually there Wed and Thurs till 3. If you can’t get there during those hours just give a call and I’ll be happy to meet you at a convenient time

Right now there are paintings out all around the County, so here are some other places you might see a piece or two. There are large pieces in the offices of the Drs Poling and at the Morgan Stanley office. These are pieces it’s hard to display in the space that I have, so they are on loan. If you’re interested in trying one out in your own home, just let me know and I can switch them out. 

There are three pieces at Iberia Bank along with a wonderful selection of local art, worth stopping by. These painting, too, can be changed out as necessary. There’s a piece at the Marco Public Library and three more paintings at Naples Bay Resort that can be retrieved to be sold at any time.
It may sound like a lot of paintings, maybe even too many. But if you are serious about your art you need to be ready to produce paintings for any request at short notice. Perhaps someone has cancelled out of a show and you are asked to fill the space. Can you do it? If you are trying to build a reputation as an artist, it won’t do to just give someone your leftover work, work that didn’t sell, or work you don’t really like. You will have to have a number of pieces of high quality artwork ready to go to take advantage of any last minute situation.

As an artist, I’m ready to meet most needs. If you are a buyer or an art collector, I’ve got a nice selection of pieces for you to consider. Hope to see you at Last Wednesday Art Walk tonight!

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