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Flat shoes but a great party!

I'll be wearing my flat shoes today, but there is a BIG  smile on my face.   The studio opening was a magnificent event, positively magical for me, and I hope for you.
The studio looked wonderful decorated with flowers from dear family, friends and clients. 
The event couldn't have been held without "the Help." who were drafted, came dressed in style,  and worked as hard as anyone I've ever seen. 
 Champagne flowed freely and chocolates were passed.  Best of all, YOU came and had a good time.

It was rewarding to see people discussing the Everglades paintings.  The landscape that inspires me seems to intrigue and interest you, too.   Each of you had a different favorite!  My artist friends from the Colony came, to wish me well too.  Thank you!
My photos aren't the best and mostly I forgot, so I'm hoping that some of you who were there will send a couple of good photos.  I didn't even get a photo of the Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting. You should see their scissors!
What a great group you are.  You are my world, and I'm very appreciative! Thank you for your encouragement and your support! 
It's farily unique for an artist to have a working studio and a gallery combined into one.  I'll be opened from 11-5, Wed through Saturday, so please stop in to talk art, talk Everglades, or just let me know what's going on in YOUR life. 
Now, off to return the champagne glasses and get the studio back into working shape. 

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