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Art Show Weather, Off by Myself Daily Everglade Painting by JoAnn Sanborn

Thanks so much if you are one of the old and new friends who stopped by my tent to chat or to purchase at the Renaissance Art Festival on Saturday. It was a lovely show with quality work and a leisurely shopping crowd. Congratulations to two new collectors.

Sunday's weather provided a bit more challenging. My husband and I got there early so we could park right behind our tent, and then went to the lovely Bella Sera Hotel for a nice breakfast. Little did we know that breakfast would be the nicest part of the day! We knew there was threatening weather, but this far south the weather forecasts can be quite unreliable and most of the art show artists watch conditions closely and are prepared to act quickly when conditions change. The tent was dry inside, so I decided to set out the paintings. Several rain squalls later and a leaky roof made me rethink that decision. When strong wind gusts suggested that forecast tornadoes could become a reality and festival management left the decision to each individual, we decided there would be limited visitors and shoppers, and decided to pack up. We were among several exhibitors who lost equipment due to the strong gusty winds. The rest of the day was spend washing up and drying everything out and putting it all away until the next show.

Today's Everglade painting is on a lighter note. Nice and sunny. As you know I love the single palms. This one, on the edge of the canal, seems not to mind being all by itself. Could it be admiring it's reflection?

Off by Myself
7" x 5"

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