Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Snow, Frosty, Daily painting by Everglades artist JoAnn Sanborn

My Art Talk group met yesterday for lunch and we had such a good time. There were twelve of us, all who are, or seriously working toward being, professional artists. There's only one rule--the subject must be art! We start by giving each artist a couple of minutes to talk about significant art events in their lives for the past month. Everyone had something positive to say, about sales, recognition, new ventures. When someone has a question or wants to discuss something the group is very supportive and helpful. It's one of my most sacred calendar items, and I always go away uplifted. Santa had stopped by, too, and left everyone a small art journal at everyone's place. The Marco Island art community is getting to know each other and is growing!

All the weathermen are talking about a big storm that's affecting the cold north. Sometimes the forecast storms are really dangerous, and other times they dissipate before becoming a real threat. Still, all the hype makes me worry about my children up north driving around in the snow! Funny how things I didn't think twice about as a younger person, like driving in the snow, can cause anxiety just hearing about it at this point in life. Hopefully everyone will be able to get where they want to for the holidays without undue stress.

I decided to put all that latent anxiety to work painting the little Frosty you see above. Snowmen are always such fun to make and each one has it's own personality as distinct as the people we know. He's not for sale, as he'll be a gift for a very special new baby!

Here's a little video about the snow to make you chuckle, especially if you live in South Florida. It may not be so funny if you live in Boston or Chicago!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Jo-Ann, with a little guilt and lots of laughs, I enjoyed this video.
I've known days like those.

It must be very rewarding to have an art group to bounce ideas off of and forge bonds that benefit everyone.

Wishing you in the north ( to me ) a joyous holiday season and happy brushes in 09.

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