Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Naples Potters, Parade Daily Painting by Everglades artist JoAnn Sanborn

This lovely pottery bowl with flowers and tendrils was gift from clay artist Gabrielle Nappo, who had a similar bowl in her booth at a show last year. By the time I decided that I must have it, it had been sold. Gabrielle said that she would just make me a new one. She did, and would not let me pay her for it. What a nice, much appreciated gift. Thanks, Gabrielle. It will be among my treasures. I really love durable pottery for household use. It warms my day to have coffee in a handmade mug or to serve vegetables in a unique handmade dish. We're beginning to get a nice collection of handmade pottery and we use it every day. We pick up a piece whenever we travel, so have some from afar, but also enjoy the work of fabulous local potters like Gabrielle, Annabelle Johnson who we've watched evolve, and part-time teacher and crafts person Rinny Ryan whose work we are delighted to own. We also look for their pieces when we need a gift. It's important to support others who make art, and although we aren't wealthy, we purchase what we can from people we know. Their work is unique a pleasure to live with, and in a small way we're helping to ensure they can continue to do what we love.

Today's cheery little painting was done in response to a request for "another" after the first painting was sold right in front of one of my favorite clients at the art show last weekend. It's actually quite different from the first because no two of my paintings are ever the same, but has the same colors and feeling. There's always room for a small painting, and this one would be nice set on a table easel as part of Christmas decorations, to be put away and brought out to be special at this time of year!
Parade 2

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