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Winter Solstice, Christmas Angels

The dead stick remains of long passed plants has welcomed every visitor to my front door for the last couple of months. I'd look at my hanging basket, dead since the end of the rainy season, be ashamed, and then run off and do something else. I'd pass by and remind myself that it had to be replanted, but would forget to get the plants while out doing errands. Over and over I said, I must put that on my list for tomorrow!

To my absolute delight a Christmas angel snuck the basket away--I didn't even miss the brown remains--and brought it back beautifully renewed. What a wonderful, happy Christmas surprise! Many thanks to my terrific, plant loving angel!

Another nice surprise came about when a client called to ask if they could come and look at paintings. I'm delighted to have visitors to the studio, and here on Marco people are always popping in and out, and many are only here for a short time, so I always try to accommodate. She had met me at one of the outdoor shows and liked my work. My impression was that she and her husband might like a new painting for Christmas. Imagine my surprise when she purchased five good sized paintings, to go into a bank that she's decorating! There's some framing and delivery to be done, so in the short time left before the holiday, daily painting will have to take second place.
Last night was the winter solstice, the very longest night of the year. The solstice is a Pagan holiday,and some people make special plans to visit one of the ancient sites, such as Newgrange, or Stonehenge to watch the light travel exactingly through the ancient structures at sunrise. I like the idea of celebrating the long cold days of winter getting shorter!

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