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Spring Morning

After being lazy about it for a while, I'm renewing my efforts to paint a small painting most days. The paintings will always be a day behind, because the blog is a morning thing for me and I want to have something ready to show you. A small painting a day will build inventory for the shows to come, and allow experimentation with color and techniques. It's a great way to warm up, and since I can do some of them in an hour or two, there'll still be time to work on larger paintings. It's fun to do because there isn't the emotional involvement of a large painting. Most of them will be from photographs or memory. Today's was painted on a bright pink background that still peeks through.

Then, when I get really committed, I'll paint the sunrise each morning. Sunrise is so beautiful here on Marco Island. Each morning has it's own distinct personality of colors and pattern. But getting up and out that early is a whole other issue!

Spring Morning
7" x 5" (17.8cm x 12.7cm)
acrylic on canvas
$150 plus $12 shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.


Anonymous said...

Jo-Ann, what a beautiful way you have of capturing light and the suggestion of detail in this small painting. I would love to see how you do it.

You've given yourself a goal and I wish you success in going after those early sunrises.
( sunsets are gorgeous too and you're already awake !)

JoAnn Sanborn said...

Thanks, Bonnie. Perhaps it's time to travel back to St. Croix. I'd love to see it again, it's such a beatiful island. Thanks once again for your kind comments. Jo-Ann

Anonymous said...

Any time you'd like to come back to this pretty enchanted place, you'd have a place to stay! And we could paint the town.....

Seriously, have a look also at the website for the newly formed and quite wonderful Caribbean Musuem Center for the Arts- Newly renovated, 300 year old building on the water with an artist in residence program.

Or.. you can be an artist in residence right in my house.

We could organize a workshop for you. Just some food for later thoughts...

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