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High Tide

I've loved the land since I was a child. I cherish memories of my father reading Thorton Burgess stories of animals who lived in meadow and woods to my brother and me at bedtime. The animals each had personalities and captivating adventures, and we would read one chapter a night. "Mother West Wind" still comes to visit now and then, and her children the "Merry Little Breezes" live very close by Marco. What childhood stories can you recall? There's room for comments below!

High Tide is the first large painting I've finished in quite a while. The palms play a powerful part, and the beach is very inviting. A piece of sky with moving clouds can still capture my attention and bring a sense of peace in the same way a walk by the water can settle my soul. I'm off to teaching today!

High Tide
40" x 30" (101.6cm x 76.2cm)
acrylic on canvas
$1,800 with FREE shipping and handling in the US


Anonymous said...

Jo-Ann, this painting is so serenely beautiful. I'm amazed, always at what you achieve with acrylics and of course your eye for color relationships and composition.
You're able to convey your love of the terrain so aptly and glowingly.

I visit here often for inspiration- thanks to your some time ago interview with Sue Smith on Ancient Artist blog.

JoAnn Sanborn said...

Thanks, Bonnie. I'm enjoying both your blog and Sue's, too, and both of your wonderful work! The crab video was just the cutest thing!

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