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First of July

This time of year southern outdoor art show artists receive show notices. We've made a decision to cut down on the number of shows we participate in this year, partly for personal reasons and partly because I want to investigate other ways of marketing my work. Decisions have to be made and I've been busy trying to figure out our schedule for the upcoming year. The number of art shows in our area are increasing and there are more choices than ever. Some weekends there are two or three to choose from! Do we do the ones that are close to home? These cost us less and are a bit easier since we don't have to travel. But, the ones further away give me an opportunity to introduce my work to other communities and for us to enjoy a couple of days elsewhere. It's hard to give up old favorites, yet the results of trying something new can be uncertain. Of course, you still have to be accepted, and some shows change up to one third of their artists every year to keep the show fresh. Will I pick shows and then not get in? Rejection becomes second nature to artists who put their work before the public, but it still not easy! In any case I'll keep you posted once my schedule is complete!

We would probably appreciate this great country of ours more if we ignored the media's version of the news. We live in a great country of magnificent beauty. The majority of us have enough for our basic needs, and more. We have unlimited opportunities. Take the weekend off, tune out, enjoy family, fireworks and have a happy Fourth of July weekend!


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