Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn



We lose friends this time of year. They"ll be back, but people we become very close to in the fall cast us aside and go back "North" for the summer. North can be anywhere north of the Florida line, but if you're from New England, it means anything above the Mason-Dixon line. Some go because they can't stand the hot, humid summer weather, some dread the potential hurricane drill, and some go to reconnect with family and friends in a place that will always be "home." Those of us left here will enjoy less traffic and the less frantic pace of social life.

One couple, good friends and lovers of my art, left this morning and took with them a painting for their new condo in Maine and a painting of tulips for a loved daughter-in-law. I did two of the tulip paintings, quite different. They picked one, and there's one left for you!

7" x 5"

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