Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


The Naples National was hot, hot, hot with both fabulous art and wonderful whimsical things to see and purchase , and a nice crowd turned out to do just that. The Naples Art Association sponsors the show, and it's hands down Naples finest of the year. We were fortunate to be back under some trees as the weather was really steamy. The Association put on a nice artist reception as well. I think that the reception should be the time to announce the artist awards, but the ribbons didn't get to the winners until after noon on Sunday. Maybe it was just too hard to decide! The new promoters did a fine job of responding to the multitude of issues that come up on a show that large, and my dear husband Bob spend most of two days as an "artist liaison" volunteer. I especially enjoyed watching the fine artwork of artist Darlene Pearse just fly off the walls, and meeting Everglades photographer and writer Jeff Ripple. I've admired his work for years so it was wonderful to be able to meet and speak with him. He spent two years living in "the swamp" on Clyde Butcher's studio complex, and has a deep interest in preserving the land. Check out his website and his books! Congratulations to the Brineys for their purchase of Misty Meadow which they say complements their home perfectly, and to the Grecos for their purchase of "Pink Sky."

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