Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


This pear sat in the sun on my windowsill just begging to be painted, and I painted it quickly before my dear husband could have it with breakfast! Two sisters and a friend, who make a visit to my studio part of their time on Marco Island, stopped by last week and fell in love with my small pear painting. The sisters are art collectors owning a number of my paintings, and share and exchange them with each other from time to time as suits them. The were looking for a mini painting as a gift. I'm out of mini's, but they found the pear and it is now framed and ready to travel home with them. It's rare for me to paint anything but the Everglades and the South Florida landscape. It's still exciting to me, and I haven't tired of it yet. Each day some new aspect of the trees or the light captures my attention and sets my brush dancing! I'll do them an Everglades mini for the gift they wanted today!

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