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Miniature Abstracts

It was a good composition refresher to paint abstract miniatures with artist Joan Dunkle last week. The largest of them is only 3"x3" and there's not much room for error on something so small. Some are more successful than others, but I'll do some more since they are such fun. I prefer the heavy body type of acrylics rather than using them as a
water medium, but they can be used either way as long as you add some matte medium for adhesion. These will be beautiful after a few days in a heavy book! I've been spending part of each day with the Cotswold downs commission, "Meandering Downs" and hope to finish that today. Then I'll get started on a promised painting for the office of Dr. Marciano, my last for him, and start to plan for the six week class I'll be giving at the Art League of Marco. You can see more about that here. If you are planning to study with me this summer, please sign up early since the class will be cancelled if there are not enough participants!

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