Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


When teaching, I don't worry about a finishing a painting myself, but use demonstration to illustrate a concept or technique. Today's painting was started as a class demonstration, and has changed dramatically several times as I worked. The painting was blocked out in class as I talked about dividing a canvas into pleasing divisions. Then, responding to the colors I saw the morning the class spent in the Everglades, the sawgrasses became warm salmons and pinks. Helping students, and not having time to adjust the sky, it looked like two paintings in one for a while. Later, I demonstrated the use of some iridescent and interference colors, changing the color of the grasses and giving the painting a nice underglow. Working on it again yesterday I realized that I needed to step back and get a clear vision of where it was going before I could complete it successfully. I'll think about that today, and also start a commission that's due before the end of the month.

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