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What a busy week it was with teaching and family here, too. Today's photos are from the Florida Landscape class. We'd spend half a day inside and half out. Some of the students had never painted outside before so they had to learn what they needed to make it easy. The first day we brought only a red, blue, yellow and white along with some water, our outdoor easels, and the usual hats, bug spray and snacks. Those three color paintings were some of the most colorful of the week. We visited the Esplanade, the beach and the Everglades, so there was something everyone liked to paint. It was a wonderful class with a great attitude and some fine artists.
As much as I enjoyed it, I loved getting home to my two grandsons each day. They'd have done something special, too, and have lots to tell. The last two days of their visit we spent boating and beaching in near perfect weather. I'll miss them, and some of my students, too! I'll be teaching again this summer, a six week class from the end of June through July. Call the Marco Center for the Arts if you're interested in joining me.
I'll be having my first ever sale this weekend at Salon de Garage. For more information, click here.

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