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Last night my husband and I traveled into Naples for an art opening at the IAG Galleries, where Jack Howard Potter's Sway and his new Goliath sit gloriously on an outdoor patio. The galleries focus is international art, and we enjoyed the beautiful drawings of an equine artist from Bahrain. We were delighted to meet owner Don Binns, a warm, generous man who offered to be a sponsor of the Marco Foundation for the Arts ArtQuest in the future. we'll take him up on that!
It's been a busy time. I'm also preparing to teach next week, which for me means a lot of preparation. I redo handouts, prepare new ones, and make sure the plans for each day make sense. Lots of stuff gets dragged to class, mediums and additives for students to try, books, paints, show & tell stuff, and canvases and my outdoor easel, too. We'll have family here starting Saturday, too, so I'll have to be ready early. I wish it wasn't the same week, but I'd much rather see my darlings part of the time than not at all! In spite of that I've still been painting, at least a little every day. I've almost finished this small, breezy painting, inspired by all the visits from Mother West Wind lately. I'll try to give it another pass today!

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