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Afternoon Calm daily Painting, Stars and Mushrooms

On my morning walk today the little sliver of a moon was so brilliant it lit up the shape of the whole round moon, and Orion was bright in the eastern sky. It was a little earlier than usual so the light of dawn didn't begin to diminish the twinkle of a million stars. The dawn quiet was peaceful and soothing. As I turned back the lower western sky held no stars--could they be hiding behind clouds? We haven't had a day without any rain for weeks now and colonies of white capped mushrooms are sprouting up all over Marco. Anyone know if they're good to eat?

Don't forget the poster contest for the Naples National Art Show yesterday. The due date is September 1, so if you're going to enter you don't have much time. Get the specifications from the application because they're a little different than last year. If you win you're guaranteed a spot and receive a free booth space! Got to try!

Afternoon Calm
7" x 5"
acrylic on board


Anonymous said...

beautiful, joann, your water is so luminous!
thanks for the tip about the poster competition...i have never made it to the bottom of that page before!

JoAnn Sanborn said...

Thanks, Tara I'm really enjoying the dicipline of painting the small painting three times a week! Guess we should all try for the poster--there's some nice benefits should we win!

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