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Get Your Feet Wet Daily Painting by Joann Sanborn

Tropical Storm Fay, or Hurricane Fay, will be stopping by Marco Island sometime in the next 36 hours, and oh, yes, she has our attention. Anyone with any sense on the Florida coast takes the threat of a potential hurricane seriously. All eyes are following Fay's progress and taking preparations even though we're not yet sure of her path.

Two days ago we tied down the boat, and yesterday we took up the dock furniture and cleared off the lanai. Hanging plants and orchids are tucked among the roots of the mixed border hedge. We have easy to prepare food on hand and plenty of water. And we're relieved that we replaced all the old sliding doors on the back of the house with hurricane code doors this past spring.

Although the local news does a great job of coverage, we go to the NOAA site for the best and most accurate information. The discussion is the best part of the site because it tells the rational behind the forecast and helps with making decisions about the best course of action. Look for it as a click-on above the charts. So we're ready for rain and wind, and probably some landscape damage and power outages. There's some potential for storm surge too.

On the other hand, a storm like this is just nature's way of giving a much needed seasonal bath to this part of the world. The wind will blow away all the debris that clutters up the native palms giving them a natural haircut, and spread their seeds around. The rains will bring extra water to the nearby Everglades and the many forms of life that depend on a good dose of rain now and then to flourish. Storms like this are necessary to the health of our environment. We've just got to learn to make good decisions about how to handle them!

Even with storm preparations I had time to finish Getting your Feet Wet. Hopefully, we won't!

Getting your Feet Wet
7" x 5"


bonnieluria said...

JoAnn- am with you in spirit ( love your good natured title of this painting ). Pre-hurricane Fay dropped a much needed bucket of 3 inches of rain on us- it's been dry for months.

We always watch the NOAA site with curiosity and trepidation and hope for the best. Which is what I wish you.

JoAnn Sanborn said...

Thanks, Bonnie. Faye's on her way elsewhere. Windy, rainy, and no punch, thank goodess!

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