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Art League Opening

Who would have thought that a painting would make such a nice cake? I had no idea! One of our local grocery stores is very good at this sort of thing, and I was surprised and delighted to see it! One of my paintings as a cake! I loved it, and it tasted good, too!
Marco Island Center for the Arts does a great job of putting on a nice reception, and it was wonderful to see such a nice turnout. Thanks to all of you who showed up to support the Art League and me, too! I presented to Art League's president Bill Morris the proceeds of last month's auction. There's also a picture of Dawn with her new painting. Thanks, Dawn!
I'm trying to turn the slide show that I got up on the blog with great difficulty into showing only the new paintings from the show. No such luck, so you'll have to visit the Art League to see the show, or watch for them here in the future.
Local author Tom Williams will be the speaker at the quarterly luncheon for the Marco Island Foundation for the Arts this Friday at Bayview Restaurant. This is sure to be a good program, get more information on the MIFA website. Tom's got a new book coming out later this summer. Should be a very nice event, so come along!


Anonymous said...

I would have recognized that cake as one of your images in a minute!
What a fantastic form of decoration- how do they do it?

Hope you got to cut and have the first piece.

JoAnn Sanborn said...

Yum, it was tasty, too! I'm not sure how they do it, but thought it was really fun. Apparently they can do it with any photo! Jo-Ann

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