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Children's Story Illustrations, Full Studio

I'm working on illustrations for another children's story, so spending a lot of time sketching raccoons, honey bears and falling leaves. This is the first small, preliminary watercolor. Sorry the colors don't balance properly--the background smudges should be blue-green tones but the camera would not cooperate this morning! As you can see from this first effort, there's a lot to work on. The composition leads you right out of the painting instead of keeping you in the scene. The leaves look contrived, and the trees aren't properly constructed. But the colors will work - honestly, they do - and my watercolor skills get better with each go round. I'll show you another when my set of five is complete and I'm satisfied with the results!

In the meantime the studio is filling up. There's some nice new things from my work over the summer. My show at the Art League comes down today so space will get even tighter. Next week one of my galleries is moving and will be returning paintings until after the move. It's tight, but you are always welcome. Just call ahead if you'd like to make a studio visit! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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