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Art Market, By the Gulf Daily Painting

As money tightens and our middle America customers are spending more on necessities, the purchase of art is one thing that can be denied or delayed. As a result, many artists are realizing reduced sales in the current economy.

Partly because prices have risen over the years and partly in response to this economy, my practice for the last year or so has been to do at least three small daily paintings a week, The small paintings can a miniature of a larger painting, but never exactly the same, a study for a larger painting, or just playing with the paints and colors for the pure joy of it. Since I don't do copies of my paintings (some call these "prints",) these small paintings are ideal for beginning collectors, for people with small spaces or small art budgets, or as gifts. I sell them framed in a lovely gold fame and they've been quite popular.

These small, "dailies" can be inspired by the morning sunrise, the moon over the palms, a walk on the beach, just about anythng. They're fun to do and are definatley helping me to grow as an artist. Because my name is on them, I want each and every one to be the best it can be and be able to stand alone. That's why you're seeing this painting that was sold to a dear colllector as a gift last week instead of the one I painted yesterday. It needs another pass or two with the brush before it's ready to be out in public!

By the Gulf
7" x 5"
acrylic on board


Anonymous said...

bravo, joann
times are tough, but beauty should never be out of reach. you're an inspiration

Kathy said...

Come to Portland for their art show tomorrow...8/23!

JoAnn Sanborn said...

Thanks, Tara. I agree! Thanks for your comment. It's great to get comments because it means you're not talking in a vacumn--that someone cares. Hooray!

And thanks, Kathy--you're missed! Perhaps it won't be rainy in Maine tomorrow! Jo-Ann

Anonymous said...

Jo-Ann, I'm as happy as you are to see much deserved comments on your wonderful blog.
We all do better with a cheering section and as I like to say, even a dog likes a bone!

Your art is complimented by your writing.

I'm also working with smaller paintings now. The big ones become an investment of time and the smaller ones keep the skill levels moving along.
Sometimes, I think it's better to produce 12 smaller ones and learn from them, than 3 larger ones and remain in the same place.

It's good to mix it up and keeps us fresh too.

JoAnn Sanborn said...

Loved your "Market Girl" and agree with you about the small. Now, if I can only get the comment thing going! Your faithfulness is much appreciated! Thanks, Bonnie. Your blog makes me smile!

Marilyn B. said...

Hi Jo;
Hope you and Bob are drying out! I have one of your small paitings and love it.

Anonymous said...

I love your painting avatar in your comment section- very cool- maybe not a feature of wordpress.......

JoAnn Sanborn said...

I put in a painting when called for a profile, but not at all sure why it started popping up! No good with the technical stuff--it's a real struggle!

JoAnn Sanborn said...

Do I want to admit that I had to look up avatar????

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