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What do we call someone who loves books? Bookophile? Bookie? I've just finished teaching a six week class on acrylics, and I brought a couple of books to class each week to give the students some suggestions if they wanted more information on that week's lesson. I have several favorites that include The Art Spirit, by Robert Henri, Developing your Natural Ability by Charles Sovek, and Wolf Kahn's Pastels.They're very different, but you can pick up any of these and open randomly to learn some new idea, technique or thought. I return again and again to Emile Gruppe's Brushwork for the Oil Painter, Faber Birren's Principals of Color, and Stephen Quiller's Color Choices for inspiration or research. There are hundreds of others that have given me a tidbit or a meal of learning enjoyment. What's your favorite?

August is a special month. Some of the people dearest to me have birthdays or other special celebrations in August. You can celebrate, too, with free shipping on any painting this month!

7" x 5"


Anonymous said...

Love those fearless colors in this one. That mauve just makes everything pop with the effect of late day sun.

Oh, if I lived in Florida, I would have taken a class or six from you!

David Lobenberg ( of the same name blog, another excellent acrylic painter ), introduced me to a book called: Capturing Light in Acrylics by John Hammond.
He shows examples of great techniques and end results.

Now I'm going to have a look at the ones you've suggested here.

JoAnn Sanborn said...

I guess I believe in exploiting what's there shamelessly! I'll be interested to check on David's blog and book. Thnaks, Bonnie!

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